Zen Dance

6 Week Course
Thursday 8.30-9.30pm, Surbiton
8th Mar –  12th Apr (6wks)

£75 for the 6-week course

Small groups (8 people)

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“If you’ve always wanted to meditate but can’t stay still for long enough... this is for you”

“A wonderful combination of exercise, meditation & self discovery”

Get the benefits of meditation & expanded self-awareness through the joy of dancing.

This moving meditation will help you :

* know yourself more deeply
* feel more comfortable in who you are
* let go of your day's stresses
* feel more free to be yourself as you let go of your inhibitions

all by having fun through a range of great music...

(Tribal, Latino,  Tango Nuevo, Electric Swing, African Beats)

Shake off the day, let go of inhibitions and allow yourself to feel free.

There are no set dance moves - instead you'll be guided to allow the music to move you... into a state of liberation & meditation.

What Others Have Said

"Zen Dance brought out a side of me I didn’t realise existed. I was able to better tune into my body and I found myself exploring parts of my spirituality outside of the sessions"


"A wonderful combination of exercise, meditation and self discovery."

"If you’ve always wanted to meditate but can’t stay still for long enough this is for you."

"Good for the body and soul.  I have always loved dancing, and to be free to dance how I want, and where the music talks to me is really liberating... And an hour's dancing a week really helped strengthen muscles I didn't know I had or hadn't used for a long time."

"The self discovery was probably the best thing about the course. That it’s possible to let go of the sense of awkwardness and just dance."


"Zen dance was an amazing experience. Each week i got more out of it and left feeling completely rejuvenated and at peace! Thank you!"


Your natural ability to access deep states of meditation through movement will be progressively developed over the 6 weeks.

*No experience is necessary, the dance is expression of self, suitable for beginners.
This is freestyle rhythm and dance - with subtle guidance from our teacher (to make you feel at home)



Ellerton Road, Surbiton, KT6

Free parking available.

What to bring

No need for special clothes, so long as you're comfortable and can move freely.

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£75 for the 6-week course
NB/ paypal has been set up to not let you purchase the course if it's reached max capacity 🙂