Relax & Rejuvenate

6 Week Course
Sunday 10.30-11.30am
Ellerton Road, Surbiton, KT6

£75 for the 6-week course

Small group (6 people)

Upcoming Course Dates:
January 2019

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Most people today think relaxation or de-stressing is about activation or doing - exercising, gym classes, going out with friends, watching tv or playing a game on their mobile phones. These activities stimulate the sympathetic nervous system (the part that controls flight or fight response). While this activation may nourish parts of your body, it does not deeply replenish your mind and body and spirit.

If you live in the active mode for long periods of time your sympathetic system becomes overly active and this leads to more stress on the entire nervous system.  The result of this can lead to Anxiety, depression and or sleep disorders.

To reduce this stress you can counter balance the active part and stimulate the opposite part of the autonomic nervous system (Parasympathetic system) for balance.

 The body holds an incredible power to relax deeply and re-energize to return your balance. This course has been designed to allow you to do just that. Your natural ability to access deep states of relaxation & inner stillness will be progressively developed over the 6 weeks.

Each class provides deep relaxation and inner stillness.

Lay down & get comfortable (matts, blankets & cushions provided) for an hours guided meditation and healing visualisation practice

You'll find that each time you journey into deep relaxation and touch stillness it becomes more familiar and easier to find in everyday life.

*No experience is necessary, all exercises are gentle and suitable for beginners



Ellerton Road, Surbiton KT6

free parking available.

What to bring

Nothing 😉

We provide meditation chairs, cushions & blankets

No need for special clothes, so long as you're comfortable.

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January 2019
Sunday, 10.30am-11.30am
6 week course

We've not set the exact dates as yet (will put them up late Dec / early Jan)

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