The courses are designed to be easy to do and suitable for beginners, so you can explore without thinking about what you need to do.

Letting Go and Cultivating Wholeness, covers the areas of movement, self-inquiry and relaxation, the self-inquiry aspect provides a space for you to personally experience your inner world. The Power of Breathing Entering into Stillness, covers the areas of movement, breathing and relaxation without the self-inquiry aspect. This is a deeper relaxation class with gentler movements and guided breathing exercises that allow you to leave feeling super zen and refreshed. While there is no focus here on self-inquiry, this doesn't mean you wont experience this, its individual for everyone and each persons experience is unique.

The self-inquiry exercises are unique to our Workshops and the Letting Go course. On the Letting go and Cultivating course each week we take you through an exercise that is based on the evenings topic. The exercises can involve writing, reflection, and awareness. Most of all the self-inquiry exercises are performed in a meditative state so the experience is pleasant and enjoyable.

Yes totally.. This course is designed to be repeated and you'll find you'll either go deeper into a previous topic or explore something new. (If you wanted you could pick one exercise and repeat it daily for months on end and it would have a different result and impact each time).

Yes…. by design, Cultivating Wholeness leads into Deeper Relaxation towards the end of the class and the two classes are put in this order to compliment each other. Once you have gained the insight from the self-reflection aspect, We feel there is nothing better than sitting with that in a relaxed class to uncover more about your inner world.

We encourage you to bring a comfortable pillow, we also have chairs in the class, some people need to sit on a chair and others just prefer it.  The main thing we encourage is that you feel comfortable.

The movements are very gentle and are designed for all abilities and ages...  there is no right or wrong with the movements, it's more about finding your own way of moving in comfort and ease so that your body starts to feel more loose and relaxed and your mind can begin to calm... (if you were to look around the class you'd find a range of interpretations).