Deep Relaxation

12 Week Course
Thursdays 8.30-9.30pm, Surbiton
7th September – 23rd November (12wks)

The Power of Breathing, Entering into Stillness

This course has been designed for those craving deep inner peace & a sanctuary from their busy lives.

It can be taken alone, or in conjunction with Letting Go & Cultivating Wholeness.  

Your natural ability to access deep states of relaxation & inner stillness will be progressively developed over the 12 weeks.

The breath holds an incredible power to calm, heal, energise & return you to your centre - this course will help you explore that power through:

Mindful Movement, Breathing Practices & Meditations.

The 3 elements of the course have been blended so that each class provides deep relaxation and inner stillness.

~ Mindful Movement  tailored exercises to explore & deepen your breath (inspired by chi gong, yoga)
~ Breathing meditations for healing & to centre your mind
~ Silent meditation practice (gently extending in length over the 12 wks)

You'll find that each time you journey into deep relaxation and touch stillness it becomes more familiar and easier to find in everyday life.

*No experience is necessary, all exercises are gentle and suitable for beginners.

£120 for the 12-week course


The Coffee Bar, Surbiton Hill Methodist Church, 39 Ewell Road, Surbiton, KT6 6AF

A short walk from Surbiton Station, parking available.

What to bring

Please bring a yoga mat and/or cushion.

No need for special clothes, so long as you're comfortable and can sit and move comfortably.