MindfulBodyMovement © founded by Grant & Olivia 2015

– To make finding balance an enjoyable & affordable experience.

What makes the classes special, is the blending of three elements: mindful movement, self-inquiry & meditation.   Through careful crafting, each session helps to integrate your mind, body and spirit – leaving you more balanced and whole.

Grant Fletcher



Specialising in anxiety & trauma therapy, Grant’s an experienced hypnotherapist having trained with NCHP (an accredited UKCP provider) and in EMDR (a breakthrough therapy for psychological trauma) with EMDR Center London.  Outside of his private practice, he volunteers with the Kingston Carers Network (KCN) and Refugee Council in Stratford, offering trauma counselling and therapy to refugees.  An accomplished kitesurfer and lover of the peacefulness of the ocean, Grant has become increasingly influenced by meditation and the calming nature of Tai Chi and Chi Gong and blends these influences into his practice with clients.

Olivia Fletcher



Olivia has run a successful private practice since 2006 specialising in self-awareness & authentic expression – by helping individuals who feel stuck, lost & overwhelmed connect to the essence of who they are, and find their path & purpose in life.  Olivia is a life coach, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist (in training with UKCP), theta healer, yoga teacher, trauma specialist yoga and somatic movement educator. She believes no one approach fits all. Through extensive training and experience, her background in healing allows her to offer a unique blend for each client. A lifelong interest in mind, body and spirit have led to extensive worldwide travel, not taking herself too seriously and a belief that everything has a place in the world, including the pub.