Thanks for being such brilliant and caring instructors.

Jo Sharpen   

After frantic days at work it's been a perfect way to relax and think clearly.

Sarah Govia   

I really enjoyed the sharing exercises through eye contact. Not used to that!

Alex Wilmott   

I have been having a tough time recently and thought I was unable to relax, but this course has given me the tools I need to get through the darker days and shows me there is light within and around me.

Jo Sharpen   

A wonderfully relaxing experience where you can release the week and open yourself up to new ways of thinking. I look forward to each week and always come away feeling refreshed. When we talk about it we don't want it to end, thank you!

Jenna Berry   

Thank you so much for the workshop on Sat. i had an amazing and challenging time. Your energy, wisdom and compassion is incredible.

Nicola Salmon   

You two are absolutely brilliant. You radiate calm and make each week a safe and loving space to shed the week. I really look forward to the session and I am finding them invaluable. Thank you.

Jenna Berry   

I love the three part nature of it and I really love all three parts!

Jenna Berry   

I feel that you completely understand where my head is and you reach in and guide me back to where I need to be.

Justine Osborne   

I really like the mix of the 3 aspects, the movements loosen the body and get you ready for the thinking part!

Jo Bance   

I had a profound experience on the "I am enough" workshop. It cracked me wide open to explore the root of my "not enough-ness". Olivia creates a safe and sacred space for you to begin to unravel years of beliefs and thoughts. The exercises are incredibly insightful and Olivia gently guides you through it all to uncover what is going on so you can make radical change and begin to heal.

Nicola Salmon   

A welcome dose of mindfulness in a very friendly class during a particularly cold January.

Jo Hawkins   

The three factors need to be done together - without any one aspect it wouldn't be the same / feel right. The movement has loosened me so much and encourages me to relax and yet focus.

Stacey Richard, Director, Surbiton Sitters   

A space just for you to relax, yet energise and get some clarity. I love the combination of physical and mental exercises.


The balance is just right between the physical movement and the meditation section.

Natalija Harbinson   

Wow! Such an enjoyable day. I wasn’t sure what to expect and found it a unique experience. I feel like I’ve learnt to let go of past feelings that have been holding me back. And to love and look after me. Thank you.


It's all brilliant, but the guided meditations are my favourite. I totally surrender to them and feel infinitely more relaxed afterwards.

Stacey Richard, Director, Surbiton Sitters   

Thank you so much for a fantastic day. Your content is so special to me as I continue my exciting road to self acceptance & discovery.

Jo Williams   

I have told many friends about this! It's a wonderful combination of movement, relaxation and thought-provoking exercises designed to help you let go of negativity and invite positivity and light into your life.

Jo Sharpen   

I came with negative thoughts and left refreshed and clearer. I would love to attend another class. Thank you so very much.



Next term starts w/c 12th March
All our courses run for 6 weeks

Our courses uniquely blend three elements: mindful movement, self-inquiry & meditation.
Helping you integrate your mind, body and spirit - leaving you feeling more balanced and whole.



Our signature class covering movement, inner reflection and guided meditation.   

Each week we cover a new topic.

Thurs, 7.15-8.15pm
 15th March –  19th April (6wks)
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Small groups (8 people)
sold out

“If you’ve always wanted to meditate but can’t stay still for long enough... this is for you”

“A wonderful combination of exercise, meditation & self discovery”

Thurs, 8.30-9.30pm
(5 wk course follows on)
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Small groups (8 people)
spaces available

Designed for those wanting to relax, unwind & calm busy minds. 

Each class guides you into deep relaxation & inner stillness through blissful guided meditations.

Sunday, 10.30-11.30am
13th May  – 17th June (6wks)
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Small groups (6 people)